We support you in the production and subsequent operation of your systems, especially in monitoring.

Both founders of the Metal Check group were experts and ZÜS inspectors of a technical monitoring association (TÜV) and know the necessity of a comprehensive training of inspectors. Our inspection inspectors are comprehensively trained in the field of welding and testing technology.


Inspector I with IWE training, level 3 according to EN ISO 9712 VT / PT / MT / UT / RT, as well as level 1 and 2 according to EN ISO 9712 LT / TT, additional special procedures UT PA / T.O.F.D. And courses for experts / qualified persons.

Inspector II with IWE training, level 2 according to EN ISO 9712 VT / PT / MT / UT / RT as well as level 1 according to EN ISO 9712 HT, CAD and isometry draftsmen and training courses for qualified persons.

Operators are responsible for the safety of their pressure vessels and pipelines according to the operational safety regulations (BetrSichV). Testing of pressure vessels and pipelines requires special knowledge. According to TRBS 1203, a “Qualified Person” training is required to ensure the verification of the equipment is qualified and safe. The legislation in Austria looks similar. The Pressure Equipment Monitoring Ordinance (DGÜW-V) applies here.