Schweißtechnische Lehranstalt Magdeburg

We offer you individual advice, the complete execution of the examinations, the organization of any necessary expert assessments as well as the preparation of the complete and statutory documentation.

  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Material testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025

Services offered by our accredited test laboratory

  • Carry out complete welded bending tests, including welding, according to SEP 1390
  • Tensile tests including hot tensile tests and tensile tests in the thickness direction (Z grades)
  • Folding and bending tests
  • Impact bending tests (also in the low temperature range up to -196 ° C)
  • Metallographic investigations such as macro- / micro-microscopic investigations, grain size determination, corrosion investigations
  • Material investigations for damage assessment
  • Own, very well equipped sample workshop (special samples can be made)
  • Testing the samples in various heat treatment conditions (heat treatment is taken over)

Metallographic investigations

  • Macro and micro – scans, including assessment, description and photographic documentation
  • Grain size regulations
  • Corrosion tests / damage assessments
Testing laboratory